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Flagship soft-shouldered paddle - IPIK, weighing 600g, constructed using 3D carbon technology. Gearlab’s first oval-shaped and shouldered loom, enhancing paddle control in lumpy conditions while providing an ergonomic fit.

As a Gearlab flagship paddle, IPIK comes with a personalized print service. Your choice of font up to 12 characters to make the paddle uniquely yours. (*Please let us know what would you like to engrave on your paddle in “Special Instructions for Gearlab” area when proceed to shopping cart.)

Color: Matrix Black +$0 No Print Needed
Tamaño: 219
Delivery: Ships within 21-28 days
Subtotal: $568.00




Color: Matrix Black +$0 No Print Needed
Tamaño: 219
Delivery: Ships within 21-28 days

【 Longer Lead-time Notice 】
Due to global surge in demand, crafting lead time on the Kalleq may take up to 14 days after order is placed.
We appreciate your support, thank you for your understanding.


Una hoja de 220 cm construída con 750 gramos de fibra de carbono sin costuras, para garantizar una experiencia de paleo más cómoda, aerodinámica y duradera.

Cortando el agua

Diseñado meticulosamente, el borde de la pala Kalleq mide 1.1 mm en sus punto más fino. La linea del borde, garantiza una comodidad total, mientras la pala corta el agua con una eficacia incomparable.


Textura de diamante exclusivo

La textura exclusiva de la fibra de carbono es reforzada con hilos que hacen que sea practicamente imposible de rasgar. Disponible solamente en la pala Kalleq, esta textura de diamante negro, es un entramado que da firmeza al interior.


Originales punteras de protección

El diseño característico Protek tip de Gearlab refuerza la pala con unos extremos fácilmente reemplazables, hechos en poliamida. Estos extremos dan confianza en aguas rocosas o poco profundas, además de tener la opción de personalizar la pala con punteras en colores diversos.


Más características

Diamond Joint

Union diamond

El diseño innovador de la pieza de union de las palas de Gearlab proporciona una forma segura de conexión firme y exacta entre las hojas. Los componentes de fibra de carbono no se deforman ni oxidan al ser expuestas a cualquier condición ambiente o del agua.

Titanium Hardware

Tornilleria de titanio

Los tornillos de titanio de grado aeroespacial son utilizados en todas las palas de Gearlab, garantizando que incluso el componente más pequeño, se mantenga fuerte y resistente a la oxidación.

Two Piece

Dos piezas

Todas las palas de Gearlab cuentan con un diseño de dos piezas que pueden ser separadas de manera rápida para su transporte y almacenaje conveniente en la cubierta del kayak. El botón de liberación de bajo perfil en fibra de carbono crea un cierre y un eje de pala elegante.a

Evaluación de la pala Kalleq por Tim Gallaway



Pick The Right Size

Size is power. The longer the paddle is, the more power it produces. The shorter the paddle is, the less power it produces. The best of both words, the Regular Size will give you enough power, while relaxing enough for your long journeys.

Size & Specs

loom length-57cm-
blade width-8.8cm-
weight-600 ± 20 g-
material-3D Carbon Technology-


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
After a year, it's still my go-to, most efficient GP

- Mind-blowingly lightweight.
- Stiffness and efficiency makes it my first-choice for anything but surf paddles.
- Quiet, thin edges & tip profile enter & exit superbly.
- Oval loom is a winner (I still like rounded-square wooden looms too). Perhaps another few degrees of forward rotation would be nice. Isn't slippery when wet.
- Shoulder profile is lovely. Enough for an reference point but no impediment to fast repositioning. Some people I've swapped paddles with on trips, even users of other Gearlab GP's, have commented on flutter but the moment they bring some attention to the high edge of the shoulder on the recovering blade, it goes, their stroke is better balanced, & they become more efficient.
- The split shaft is a tight joint and has remained so.
- May not matter to some people and everyone uses their paddles differently but, the blade scratches insanely easily. Just look at this paddle the wrong way and it will be scarred for life. I really hope Gearlab find a robust, lightweight finish.
- Some may find a very tiny flutter in the stroke until they correct their technique, which usually doesn't take more than a few strokes to sort out and a few sessions to build into muscle memory.
- The split shaft joint can be tough to split, but if that's the only way to ensure that joint stays tight for years I'm fine with it. If I had the option though, I'd probably buy a fixed shaft model as my 'daily driver' and stow the split shaft model for emergencies.

Ryan, Chang Chen
Thought about Ipik

Akiak is good; Kalleq is better; Ipik is awesome!

Monica R.
This One is the Best!

I’ve never really liked carbon fibre Greenland paddles. That is, until I met the Kalleq. (Those slicey blades!😍) The Ipik takes it all to the next level. Impossibly light, the sharp blades slip deep into the water and make every stroke seem almost effortless. The shape of the oval loom and its transition into the shoulders encourages the correct hand position and a relaxed grip. The icing on the cake is the beautiful shimmering colours that appear when the blades are wet. I look forward to being able to order this paddle in various sizes to allow for a more personalized fit.

Beefy Loom

I had a chance to demo the "regular" Ipik very recently. It is a beautiful paddle...very light, nice soft shoulder, thin blades that quietly cut thru the water, and very buoyant. Everything to like, but the loom...the oval shape is great, but at 57cm(22+") it's too wide. The loom thickness is beefy...just too thick. I'm an average size.... wear a L glove and have a wingspan that puts me at a 218cm paddle length and a loom width of 48 to 50cm. I've several wooden GPs...some from skilled paddle makers and some I have carved that I have used for almost 20 years. To properly grip a GP the shoulders on the loom need to fit the paddler. If I could custom order my loom size, I would do it.... the paddle is that nice. In the mean time I'll stick with wooden GPs. Still a great way to paddle.

Loom length

The dimension of 57cm loom for the "regular" isn't going to fit the average paddler. It is too wide. Gear Lab's response to a similar comment shows that they don't understand Greenland paddle sizing.

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