Choosing a Paddle

Which Gearlab Greenland paddle is right for me?

Every model of Gearlab Greenland style paddle will propel a kayak forward, but each has been designed and built to excel in unique water conditions and for specific paddling goals. Ultimately, however, each paddler has individual preferences that determine the perfect paddle for their style.

“Excel in Unique Water Conditions & for Specific Goals.”


What are the benefits of Gearlab Greenland paddles compared to Euro-blades?

A Greenland style paddle resembles a stick, which gradually flattens and widens toward the blade ends. This ancient style paddle served the Aleut and Inuit kayakers well for more than a thousand years. Gearlab has enhanced these traditional wood-carved paddles with precise engineering and high tech carbon fiber composite materials to create an unparalleled paddling experience.

“Less Force to Pull/Push & Less Resistant to Wind. Travel Further while Expending Less Energy.”

The long, slim shape of Greenland paddle blades require less force to pull/push through the water and are less resistant to wind. This leads to greater efficiency and a faster cadence, and allows paddlers to travel further while expending less energy.

The shape of Greenland blades offer greater control in the water because they are perfectly symmetrical and may be used for a variety of paddle strokes with ease, including the forward, backward and sweep strokes.

“Greenland Paddle Capitalizes on Core Strength without Straining Arms and Shoulders.”

The even distribution and reduction of force on the paddle allows for a low, quick cadence that is easier on paddler’s joints and muscles. A proper stroke with any Greenland paddle capitalizes on core strength without straining arms and shoulders.

Gearlab’s Greenland style paddles are especially adept at bracing and rolling because of the symmetry and buoyancy of the blades. Gearlab’s Greenland paddles require little maintenance compared to wooden Greenland paddles.

Gearlab produces several models of Greenland style paddles best suited to different water conditions and paddling goals. Gearlab paddles also are available in multiple sizes to fit most paddlers and ensure an efficient paddling experience.