We want you to have the simplest buying experience possible. But we know you might have a few questions. We’ve put together some FAQs to give you more information, if you have other questions that you can’t find the answer to, please contact Gearlab Outdoors at sales@gearlaboutdoors.com.
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Having the right sized paddle is very important, personal preferences are major factors when choosing the right paddle length.

“Size is Power. The longer the paddle is, the more power it produces. The shorter the paddle is, less power it generates”

Take a Short(210cm) paddle: Paddling more relaxingly.
Take a Regular(220cm) paddle: Balance of power and ease, our recommendation to most paddlers.
Take a Long(230cm) paddle: Paddling with more power and thrust.

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Every model of Gearlab Greenland style paddle propels a kayak forward. Each is designed and built to excel in unique water conditions and for specific paddling purposes. Common Features of all three models are topped with Gearlab’s signature ProTek tips and patented D-Joint carbon fiber shaft. The paddles offer low wind resistance and less rotational wrist movement. They are also great for kayak rolling.

For detailed information, please check our product page for comparison. We make recommendations to each paddler according to their individual preferences and paddling style.

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Please find Gearlab products at our retailers and stores.
Store locations can be found at Meet Our Retailers page.

Unfortunately, we do not offer customization yet. We hear you. We are trying our best to launch this project in the future.

Step 1: Loosen the screw with a 2.5 mm hex wrench
Step 2: Pull out the used paddle tip
Step 3: Put on the new paddle tip
Step 4: Tighten the screw

*Screw will extrude on the other side when over tightened.

We suggest using Epoxy Base Glue (AKA AB glue), to attach ferrule to blades. Keep in mind to leave at least 7cm of overlap on each side when assembling ferrule to blade.

Gearlab warrants all products to be free of material and construction defects for one year from the date of purchase. The limited warranty excludes any damage inflicted by the customer. Within the warranty period, Gearlab will repair, replace or refund any products deemed to be defective.

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Gearlab will arrange to pick up the paddle and cover the cost of round-trip shipping. Upon receiving the package, Gearlab will repair, replace or refund the product. If the product is no longer available, Gearlab will provide a comparable product as a replacement.

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In order to find out if your paddle is under warranty or not, please contact us at sales@gearlaboutdoors.com with the following information.

1. Your Information (Name/Address/Phone Number/Invoice Number)
2. Describe the damage on your paddle
3. Provide photos or videos

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Gearlab paddles are available in two channels: retailers and our official website.

Purchases could be made through PayPal, or credit card.

After placing an order at our website and completing the checkout process, the system will receive your order message and notify you by Email. Please check the content of the order again when receiving the notification.

If you have placed the order but have not received the "Order Confirmation Letter" within 2 working days, please check whether the letter is spam’ed or not. Please contact us at sales@gearlaboutdoors.com, we will serve you as soon as possible.

We offer club buy deal on all models of paddles. If you/your club wish to buy a batch paddles, please contact sales@gearlaboutdoors.com.

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The package will be shipped after 5 - 10 working days. We are dedicated to offer the highest quality of products. We run a thorough quality inspection, packing, and paperwork, before each shipment. Actual delivering time varies depending on customs clearance, public holidays, freight, weather, recipient’s mailing system, and other factors.

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Preparing packages for delivery usually takes 5 -10 business days on top of shipping time. Date received may vary according to custom clearance, different mailing systems, public holidays, etc.

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Shipping information will be sent via text from DHL to customers when the package is departing Gearlab. Click here and enter the tracking number to view current tracking information. If you encounter any difficulties during delivery, please contact sales@gearlaboutdoors.com.

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VAT, Import Duties & Custom Charge regulations varies significantly depending on where you are based at. Customers are responsible to pay any additional duties and tax if applied.

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Still need help? Please contact Gearlab Outdoors at sales@gearlaboutdoors.com for more info. Contact